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 Babbling Brookers

YouTube, which you must surely have heard of, if not seen, is the current darling of the InterWeb. According to this article on el Reg, it shows 50 million videos a day to 6 million unique users and 40000 new videos are added everyday.

Of course, most of it is a load of tosh. But occasionally you get some talented folks doing their own original material. It is with that in mind that I link you to Brookers.

Her postings on b3ta's links board met with a surprisingly luke-warm response for someone who creates all her own stuff, especially as most of it is pretty funny too.

Check out her Numa spoof, which has now been viewed over 2 million times.

The rest of her videos can be found here.

Matt - Sunday 09-Jul-2006 12:32:22 BST
 Tumbling Into Blue

Well, about time we had an update...

I've added a few new links to the column on the left with a helpful scrolly image so you can see which ones you should be clicking on. I'll add a few more over the next few days as there's lots of music you should all be checking out.

I'm very pleased to see that Nerina Pallot's career is on the up again. She's getting lots of good press coverage and her new album, Fires, deserves every success.

Astrid also has a new album which is due for release on 1st May. She writes fantastic songs and deserves a far wider audience. You can hear samples of her songs on her site.

Matt - Monday, 17-Apr-2006 12:35:49 UTC
 Working again...

My host's host has been having some problems which have meant that the site has been down these past few days. We've now moved to a different server and the site has been recovered from a fairly recent backup that I had (see us IT folks do practice what we preach sometimes!). A couple of the more recent pages needed updating but everything should be back to normal. Please let me know if you have any problems.

As I had to do the few bits above, I have also updated my CV. And I've also uploaded a new picture.

Happy New Year!

Matt - Thursday, 30-Dec-2004 20:02:04 BST
 Pics and links

Added two more pictures: Miraj and a B3ta challenge entry, For Sale.

A couple of links for you: If you're a gamer and, in particular, a fan of MOHAA, check out CPS - my favourite MOHAA server and forums.

A singer songwriter not to be overlooked is Sarah Gillespie. Her CD is one of the best things I've heard this year and you can hear a clip of my favourite song from it, Million Moons, at her website. I first heard Sarah at a Juliet Turner gig earlier this year and Juliet's CD, Season of the Hurricane, has just been shortlisted for a Mercury award and deservedly so.

Matt - Sunday, 18-Jul-2004 12:24:34 BST
 Heidi Sikh And An Unusual Zebra

Another couple of pictures added. The Heidi picture was done not long after the Haydn one and was part of the same B3ta challenge. The Zebra one was just for fun.

Matt - Saturday, 03-Apr-2004 22:18:55 BST
 Haydn Sikh

I made a new pic for b3ta.

Matt - Saturday, 13-Mar-2004 23:42:13 GMT
 Doesn't Time Fly?

Where did last year go? It's been about eight months since I last updated this front page. That's too long.
Some of the other pages have had the odd update; all of the things that I have posted to B3ta are now on my B3ta pages and I have made it easier for myself to update the site as a whole so changes may happen a little more frequently from now on...

Last year was a busy one. I bought a property and moved out from my parents' house. Alas, Mum appears to have been right; cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing do take up quite a lot of time. I feel my Medal of Honor skills have suffered because of this.
My OU course, M206 - which I'm pleased to say I passed - also ate up a lot of evenings and weekends that might've otherwise been spent doing other stuff. Like decorating, for instance.

As always, suggestions and comments are welcome so free free to get in touch.

Matt - Tuesday, 20-Jan-2004 22:20:55 GMT
 The Beauty of The Rain
Dar Williams new album The Beauty of The Rain is stunning. Go buy it.

That is all. Apart from a new pic on my B3ta page.

Matt - Sometime in April 2003
 It's Back!
Well, it's finally back. I've managed to finish off the first few areas of the site and get up some content worth seeing, namely the pictures on my B3ta pages.

The old site had had it's day and I've finally settled on this design which will be tweaked and improved as I go, suggestions are welcome.

As with the old site, I have made sure my pages are valid HTML 4.01. At the moment, slightly at the expense of some design ideas I'd like to try, I'm not using CSS to maintain compatibility with older browsers. This will change in the future and in fact, there are quite a few little tweaks I'd like to make to the general design.

Plans for future content include pages devoted to some of the musicians I follow. I hope to bring together some of the many sites devoted to the less well known artists together into a single resource where fans can find the information and links to the sites they're looking for without having to wade through numerous search engine entries.

This front page will become a blog of sorts. Not a personal diary but more a collection of random thoughts, quotes and rants (I have plenty).

I hope you'll keep coming back to see what's new.

Matt - 08-Mar-2003 23:08:11 GMT


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